The thing about working with AI is that I very often end up wondering how the human brain works. And even though it has been a subject of discussion in many places there is this one thing that gets me every single time I think about it.

Everything you call as reality is a bunch of electrical impulses inside your brain. What you see, hear, smell, taste and touch...all just electrical spikes travelling through the axons in your brain. We think we know what reality is, but all we have is a story told by our brain using the inputs from our sense organs.

Remember when the internet was divided over the "the dress" and more recently "Yanny or Laurel" ?. What if everyone had only seen the dress as white and gold ? Would that mean the dress was actually white and gold ? What if reality was an illusion that affected all of us equally ? Would we ever be able to distinguish between reality and an illusion ?

What we call reality solely exists within that 2 pound mass of tissue inside our skull.

If that isn’t jaw dropping, I don’t know what is.

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